Welcome to Scode

I started to develop Scode several years ago following my daughter’s dyslexia diagnosis. Scode is a phonics based spelling scheme for all children that teaches the National Curriculum spelling requirements for KS2.  Scode has been carefully designed so that spelling homework directly links to and reinforces what is being taught in your child’s classroom. As well as focusing on sounds and their codes, central to this scheme is etymology, the power of practising and the encouragement of a growth mindset. Scode is a scheme that gives priority to helping children develop a wide and rich vocabulary and we know home is central to this aim.  

Understanding Phonics

English is a complex language to learn to write because there are so many ways of writing the sounds we speak.  Without this simple knowledge it can be difficult for us, as parents, to help and support our children with spelling. This video gives a very brief introduction to phonics, for me it was a lightbulb moment!

Scode at Home

Here we explain what you can expect from the Super Scoder tasks that have been set as homework. We talk you through the format of the sheets and explain how you can help your chid get the most out of these tasks and activities.

Ideas, tips and tricks

We learned the hard way when it comes to spelling practice at home!  Here are some top tricks and tips to take the stress out of this and help it be fun, or at the very least, bearable for everyone.  You can thank us later!

“Scode really is the Horrible Histories of Spelling! I’ve never seen children so engaged with spellings!”

Super Scoder Videos

A selection of explainer videos aimed at parents.

/er/ videos

Super Scoder 1

/er/ coded ur

Super Scoder 2 & 3

/er/ coded er

Super Scoder 4

/er/ coded ear

Super Scoder 4 Outtake


Super Scoder 5

/er/ coded ar

Super Scoder 6 & 7

/er/ coded our & re

Super Scoder 8

Words ending sure

Super Scoder 9 & 10

Words ending sure & ture

Super Scoder Videos

A selection of explainer videos aimed at parents.

/i/ videos

Super Scoder 1 & 2

/i/ & all it’s codes

Super Scoder 2 & 3

/i/ Code breakers

Super Scoder 4 – 7

/i/ Suffix -y