Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about SCODE.

Will you consider different packs for the size of my school?

Yes, we will aim to provide the amount of teaching guides and/or work books you need for the size of your cohort. Please contact us for a quote.

I have a mixed Yr 3 & Yr 4 class, can I still use Scode?

Yes, Book 1 & Book 2 can be used in any order. We always introduce the sounds and codes as if it is the first time the children are seeing them, no matter which book they are using. 

Which books are currently available?

Currently Book 1 is available for delivery in time for September, which covers two thirds of the NC for LKS2.

What if a group of children are finding a code particularly hard? Should I carry on teaching the scheme or revisit the code for those children?

We suggest teaching Scode on 4 days of the week to allow teachers a day to recap or revisit a code as a whole class. Then teaching should continue for all children following the scheme as set out. However, the children who are struggling can be given some extra support using the Super Scoders, or the following are some ways you can recap and consolidate a particular sound until it is embedded.

Use a multisensory approach; for example, magnetic letters are a fabulous way for children to physically select and rearrange the letters in a target word, many more words for each code can be found in the additional word lists at the back of the Teachers’ Guide.

Use/make  flashcards with the target word written on, highlighting the code, using their finger to trace over the letters. Draw pictures to go with the word. Look at these daily/frequently. Over-learning is key.

Write the words in foam, paint, flour and sand.

Create their own Scode workbook page, teach their friend/head teacher/alien/dog you get the picture, how to use the target code. How to write the word. How to remember the word.

Film themselves or each other for a vlog about the target words they are finding difficult. Write the script for the vlog or write sentences about the vlog.

Play OXO with the target words.

Say the target code in different voices, a high voice, whispering voice, like an opera singer etc.

Play hopscotch, spell the word out on the floor, spell the word as they play.